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The Power of Clean: WOW Sizzle vs. Zep Super Doug

When it comes to kitchen exhaust cleaning, the choice of degreaser can make all the difference. Two standout choices in the industry are WOW Sizzle and Zep Super Doug. These heavy hitters are favored by professionals for their robust formulations that tackle grease with ease. Let’s break down what makes each of these products a go-to choice and how they compare.

WOW Sizzle: A Strong Competitor

WOW Sizzle is a name that resonates with strength in the kitchen exhaust cleaning community. Its aggressive formula is known for tackling the toughest grease and carbon build-up, thanks to its high-impact ingredients:

  • Sodium Hydroxide (35-40%): This is the workhorse of WOW Sizzle, providing the caustic environment needed to break down even the most stubborn grease.
  • Potassium Hydroxide (1-10%): Used in synergy with sodium hydroxide, this enhances the degreaser’s effectiveness across a range of grease types.
  • Chelating Agent (1-5%): The secret weapon of WOW Sizzle, the chelating agent, works to soften water and enhance cleaning action, though the exact compound is proprietary. A chelating agent like EDTA is a likely candidate as it is very effective in a wide range of pH levels and product consistencies.
  • D-Glucopyranose, Oligomeric, Decyl Octyl Glycoside (1-10%): As a non-ionic surfactant, it’s gentle yet effective in emulsifying grease, ensuring it can be easily rinsed away.

Zep Super Doug: The Versatile Challenger

Zep Super Doug is lauded for its versatility and effectiveness. Its balanced formula is well-suited for a variety of cleaning scenarios:

  • Sodium Hydroxide (>= 30 - < 50%): Present in a substantial amount, it gives Zep Super Doug its grease-cutting power.
  • Potassium Hydroxide (>= 1 - < 5%): Complementing sodium hydroxide, this helps to make the formula potent against a broad spectrum of grease types.
  • D-Glucopyranose, Oligomers, Decyl Octyl Glycosides (>= 1 - < 5%): This surfactant is key for lifting grease off surfaces, making it easy to wash away.
  • Octan-1-ol (>= 0.1 - < 1%): As a solvent, it assists in breaking down fatty acids and greasy residues.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Both WOW Sizzle and Zep Super Doug share some key ingredients, notably sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, which provide their powerful cleaning action. The higher concentration range of sodium hydroxide in Zep Super Doug suggests it’s slightly more aggressive, which might be preferred for heavy-duty or less frequent cleanings.

The presence of a chelating agent in WOW Sizzle, despite the secrecy of its exact nature, indicates a focus on effectiveness in areas with hard water. Zep Super Doug’s inclusion of octan-1-ol adds an extra dimension to its grease-dissolving capabilities, potentially offering a bit more subtlety in application.


Both WOW Sizzle and Zep Super Doug offer formidable cleaning power, each with a blend of caustics and surfactants fine-tuned for the demands of kitchen exhaust cleaning. While WOW Sizzle boasts a slightly more caustic mix, Zep Super Doug’s formula is nuanced with a solvent that could offer additional benefits. Choosing between them comes down to the specific needs of the cleaning job and personal or company preferences.

Professionals in the kitchen exhaust cleaning sector can rest assured that either product will provide the deep clean needed to maintain safety and hygiene standards. With these potent degreasers, the grime doesn't stand a chance.

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