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Zep Super Doug - Understanding the Ingredients

Zep Super Doug is a powerful hood cleaning degreaser, which is know to be one of the best and maybe THE best chemicals for cleaning kitchen exhaust systems. Here's a breakdown of its key ingredients and what each one does, explained in simple terms.

If you would like to make this degreaser yourself, here is a guide to make Zep Super Doug yourself

Key Ingredients and Their Functions

Sodium Hydroxide 

Concentration: 30 - 50%

What it is: Also known as lye or caustic soda, it is a highly alkaline compound.

What it does: Sodium hydroxide is a strong base that helps to break down grease and organic materials. It saponifies fats, (turns them into soap) making it easier to rinse them away. This ingredient is crucial for the heavy-duty cleaning power of Zep Super Doug.

Decyl Glucoside 

Concentration: 1 - 5%

What it is: A type of surfactant (Short for Surface Active Agent) 

What it does: Surfactants help to lift and suspend dirt and grease, making it easier to wash them away. When you try to mix your liquid caustic soda mix with grease, it doesnt mix very well because water and grease don't mix. Surfactants make it so the grease and water will mix together. They are mild and biodegradable, providing effective cleaning without being harsh on surfaces. 

You can buy Decyl Glucoside in gallons here

Potassium Hydroxide aka Caustic Potash

Concentration: 1 - 5%

What it is: Another strong alkaline compound similar to sodium hydroxide. What it does: Potassium hydroxide helps in breaking down and dissolving grease and oils. It enhances the cleaning power of the solution and is particularly effective in saponifying fats.


Concentration: 0.1 - 1%

What it is: Commonly used as a solvent.

What it does: Octan-1-ol helps dissolve other ingredients and improves the overall effectiveness of the cleaning solution. It also aids in breaking down oily residues and provides a degree of surface wetting to enhance the cleaning action.

How These Ingredients Work Together

When you apply Zep Super Doug to a dirty surface, here's how these ingredients work in synergy:

Breaking Down Grease: The sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide work together to break down and saponify grease, turning it into a soapy substance that can be easily rinsed away.

Lifting Dirt: The Decyl Glucoside lifts and suspends the loosened dirt and grease, preventing them from re-depositing onto the surface.

Enhanced Penetration: Octan-1-ol helps the cleaning solution to penetrate deeper into the grease and grime, dissolving it more effectively and ensuring a thorough clean.

Easy Rinsing: The combined action of these ingredients ensures that the dirt, grease, and cleaning residues can be easily rinsed off, leaving the surface clean and free of contaminants.

By understanding these ingredients and their roles, you can appreciate how Zep Super Doug effectively cleans tough messes. Each component is chosen to contribute to its powerful cleaning action, making it a reliable solution for demanding cleaning tasks.


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