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Brubbles Foaming Agent For Hood Cleaners

Brubbles Foaming Agent For Hood Cleaners

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Brubbles Foaming Agent is an exceptional choice for any kitchen exhaust cleaner. This professional-grade product serves as a powerful surfactant and is widely used as the base for leading hood cleaning degreasers.

This is the most concentrated Surfactant we have been able to find, not only does it make great foam, the foam stays active longer than any product we have ever used.

Not only is it highly effective, but at just $50 per gallon, it is also incredibly cost-efficient. With one gallon of Brubbles, you can make more than 100 gallons of ready to use degreaser, making it the top choice for degreasing hoods. We have personally used this product for over 10 years and stand by its unrivaled performance.

Start with just 2 ounces in a 5-gallon mix and adjust for your specific needs. Say goodbye to trying countless products - Brubbles is the ultimate solution for optimal results.

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Customer Reviews

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Bryan knows his shit

Bad mother brubbles is top notch, will be buying more. And his scrapers are a beast. Bro knows his shit!!!!!! A+

Heck ya!! This this what we love to hear!!! Thank you for the order and this badass review!

bubble forming agent

I recently purchased a bubble forming agent and had several questions regarding its use. Brian from Exhaust Tools contacted me while I was in the Caribbean and provided extensive and valuable information. I must commend their immaculate customer service. The bubble forming agent exceeded my expectations, and I will certainly be making future purchases.

Thank you so much for this review, we are really glad we could help you out with this. Nice looking foam you have there!

Tim A.
Another amazing product!

Just like the scrapers, this product is a 100% must have for this line of work. I could not believe the effect and results that we obtained from using such a small amount of this. It works exactly like the videos show it to. Will be ordering multiple cases of this, give it a shot and you won't be disappointed. Look forward to seeing what's coming next from you guys

Thank you for such a great detailed review Tim! We are working on a few scrapers that we think guys will like. Testing them here first to make sure they are rock solid before we put them on the store.

Excellent foaming agent

Potent foaming agent. We like it. We add 2oz per 5 Gallon of degreaser and it foames perfectly.

Love it, thanks for the review

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