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Black Mamba Scraper For Hard Kitchen Exhaust Grease

Black Mamba Scraper For Hard Kitchen Exhaust Grease

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This scraper is designed to be used with these poles

When the grease hates on you, this is the best scraper to hate on it back. Used for old, thick, hard grease. 2" Blade


Customer Reviews

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Great products!!!!!

We absolutely love the scrapers !!!! Mamba is a must have!!! The 1.5 inch for tracks and round duct scraper are handy aswell. Essential survival pack for us! GL Kitchen Services

This is awesome!!! We really love getting this kind of feedback! Really glad you guys are enjoying them.

Another Great Bryan Product!

This scraper is unmatched in its ability to burn through anything you want to throw at it. I've ordered many products from Bryan and have not been let down yet. Like they say MADE FOR GREASERS, BY GREASERS. You're not buying a paint scraper from Home Depot, you're buying something from people who do the same job we do night in and night and I will continue to purchase these for all my trucks. If you're on the fence, buy it, you won't be disappointed: in fact you will be pissed that you didn't buy it sooner!!Cheers fellas keep it coming!!!!

DANG! What a great review!! Thanks for taking the time to write this! We've got more tools on the way to help make your job a little easier.

Heavy duty but light weight

Your shoulders won't burn scraping up the duct it removes inches of think Chinese grease no problem

Appreciate the feedback and glad we could make the job go easier. Keep the scraper sharp and it will last a long time.

Black Mamba

One of the best tools in the market! Great job Matt @ Bryan Exhaust

We agree! Thanks for the review we really appreciate the feedback!


I got this shipped to Canada just in time for a neglected ductwork job.
Normal scrapers take twice the effort, this specialized chisel cuts through tough grease like butter!

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